Friday, July 2, 2010

RJ the Great Hunter

RJ is turning out to be an excellent dog. He understands sit, down and stay. He understands stay, but can only contain his enthusiasm for a short time. RJ walks on a leash and we are working on the concept of heeling.

He knows he is not supposed to jump on people, but sometimes his excitement takes over. he'll sit, squirm in place, then leap up and jump on and circle you while licking any body part he can reach.

Lately he has become a great hunter. He love, love, loves to chase the rabbits that are all over the farm. They particularly love the front lawn. I worry about what he would do if he catches one, but he enjoys the chase so much I hate to call him back.

He also loves to chase deer. I don't worry about him catching them!

RJ loves to collect things from around the farm and bring them to the house to chew. I think...hope...that we have discouraged him from collecting things from around the house to chew!. He brings his finds to the house and crunches away on them. I'm a little leery about taking them away from him. I don't worry about being bitten, only about being grossed out.

A few days ago he let me take what sounded like a bone or rock out of his mouth. It was the top to a box turtle shell. I have no clue what happened to the rest of the poor wee beastie. He has founds parts of a skull, maybe a deer, that he seems fond of. And this week he found the skull and spine of a snake. I assume it got caught during haying and the birds and insects took care of the rest of it. THAT I took away from him. Blech!

Lee has been working in the shop building work benches and shelves. RJ disappeared up the hill into the woods. When he didn't return, Lee called him. He came running down the hill, with his head held high and a long white object in his mouth. It turned out to be a 3 point antler. After much chewing and worrying of it, RJ now has a 2 point antler! Lee keeps it in the shop in order to keep RJ's mouth busy. When it is not occupied, it tends to find screws, tools, wood bits or, on one spectacular occasion, a used oil filter in a box that he dragged out, dribbling oil all the way.

So now the big game hunter gets his antlers when in the barn.

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  1. HA! He's too cute.

    Have a great 4th!