Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Kind Of Invasion

Tara grew up in Orange County. She likes manicures and pedicures and facials. She likes new clothes and eating at ethnic food restaurants, all vegetarian, of course. What she does not like it stinky, yucky, scary or gross things. We have all that here in Buchanan.

I find the variety of strange insect life to be fascinating. Tara wants to go in the house. Here are just a few bugs outside the garage door Friday morning.

On top of this,Tara has expressed a great fear of bears coming through our woods to eat her or maybe the cats. We have always tried to calm her by telling her that there is too much clear farm land for that to happen. She loves to hear about bear sightings, but it also scares her. I saw bears on my way to work two times in the last month. I always call her and tell her and then remind her that they will never come here.

Last Wednesday, around 3:00 Lee walked out of the shop with RJ. It had gotten too hot to work. As they started for the house, Lee saw a young black bear up on his hind legs. RJ took off after the bear. It dropped down and ran around behind the house with the dog chasing it. Lee ran after the dog, yelling for him to come. By the time Lee got around the house ,the dog was at the top of the hill barking and the bear was long gone. Lee was scared for the dog. I was scared for Lee. And the dog had a great time. I hope the bear was scared and never comes back.

Tara came home that evening and parked where she always parks. She got out and unloaded her car. Then Lee told her that the spot she always parked in was where he had seen the bear.

"I told you a bear could come here. Didn't I tell you? I knew it." Daughter knows best.


  1. We've had bear in our trash cans this summer. Be careful! And that one moth is lovely; I wonder what it is?

  2. No bear sightings in our neighborhood this year. Virginia has tons of creepy crawly things and it drive me crazy.