Friday, September 9, 2016

Piedmont Virginian

I received an email a month or so ago.  It seems that a recipe I had posted on this blog had popped up on an Internet search for an apple butter recipe to include in the September/October issue of The Piedmont Virginian Magazine. 


I remember that recipe.  A friend and fellow blogger had given me a jar of apple butter and I wanted to make something with it.  I couldn't find a recipe I liked, so using the amounts of flour, leavening and moist ingredients form other recipes, I came up with my own.  Mine uses some delicious spices and it was so moist and flavorful, especially the next day.

I gave permission for the magazine to publish the recipe, then I panicked.  What if I had written something down incorrectly?  That could happen!  I re-read the recipe and was sure I had done a good job of transcribing my semi readable notes.

When I was told that the recipe was definitely going in the magazine, I panicked again!  Then again, that is my usual fall back position for many life situations.  Did I lock the door?  Make sure all the animals were in? Bring my passport?

I was assured that the recipe had been reproduced for the photo in the magazine and that it was delicious, as advertised.  Whew!


You can access the recipe on my blog, but please purchase the magazine, if it is available in your area, or go to their site.  You have to honor such perspicacity and taste! 


  1. Hey, that's great! I may have told you this before but I never ate apple butter growing up. My dad said it was because he ate too much of it when he was growing up. I had it for the first time when I moved to Winchester. Our church made it every year as a fundraiser. My BFF also made it with her family. I really like it, but I usually eat it with a spoon. (I'm not much of a bread eater.)

  2. Congratulations to have received this recipe recognition! It looks quite tasty.

  3. Congratulations. I don't see that magazine very often but I have run across it in the past.

  4. How wonderful to have your recipe selected, Rebecca, and a nice and gratis plug for the B&B.