Friday, September 2, 2016

Among The Wicked

I just got Linda Castillo's latest book in the Kate Burkholder series.

What is it about getting the latest book in a series by a favorite author? 

It's sort of like falling in love again.  There's the love of familiar characters that you have missed, you're impressed by the author's skill in carrying you along in their story and maybe a bit of jealousy at the skill that you wish you had.

There are times you put the book down because you can't stand the thought of finishing the book so soon.  And then you snatch it up and rush through to the end.

Kate Burkholder is a Police Chief in a small town in Ohio.  She used to be Amish and this helps her and hurts her in her dealings with this private group of people.  She has ambivalent feelings of her time with the Amish and she tries to navigate her role as a police officer and a woman in today's world.  She is a truly interesting and complex character that you will grow to care about, too.  Start with the first book, Sworn To Silence.

Fall in love.

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