Friday, June 24, 2016


The last few days have been full of dramatic weather.  There has been thunder, lightning and near constant rain.  This has resulted in some flooding in our small town of Buchanan. 

Buchanan's famous swinging bridge may soon be a floating bridge.


It is not the worst flooding Buchanan has ever seen.  We weren't here, but have heard 1985 was a bad year for that.  But the James River is coming up pretty high and worrying some of the people on Lowe Street.


This picture was taken five minutes later and the water is still rising.

The road in front of the Twin River Outfitters has flooded and they are moving their boats to higher ground.  Parts of the carnival grounds and the park are under water.


The James is swift and brown with lots of muddy water, trees and debris racing down river.  Not a good day for river travel or a leisurely boat ride.

I contacted a future B&B guest who is staying with us and then going out on the river, to make sure the Outfitters will be taking out boats next week and they assured her that things would be back to normal on Monday.


The Buchanan Carnival starts next week.  The water should have receded by then, but it may be quite muddy the first few days.


The closest tree line is normally at the edge of the embankment down to the James River. 


The gazebo in the park is partly underwater.



The north end of Pico Road is flooded.


The people of Buchanan have been through all this before.  Now that the rain has stopped the river will crest and start to recede.  And life will get back to normal!


  1. Oh wow! Much of the rain missed us here in Warren County. I saw video of flooding in West Virginia... pretty horrifying.

  2. Luckily, there was no flooding on the VA eastern shore and you surely received more than enough. I remember walking on that swinging bridge and hope it doesn't become a floating one. Boots might be good foot gear at the carnival.