Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Empty Barn

Our barn tenant has left and now we have an empty barn.  It is a shame to waste such a beautiful barn, but having a tenant did not turn out as I had hoped.  Plus, she needed access to the barn and we felt we couldn't leave during the winter when it might snow and she couldn't get in to feed her horses.  So we felt sort of trapped.


The barn now has a flashing red light.  We hope it will keep out the birds that are making a mess inside.


It is now a red light district!  Perhaps we should emphasize that on our B&B site!


 She also didn't like us driving past the barn, so we felt blocked off from a lot of our property.  So no more tenants.  And an empty barn.


But now we have more storage space.  It is hard to imagine two people have filled up a 2 car garage, a three car shop and a metal carport.  But we have.  So now our lovely barn is a storage unit.


At least I can once again offer the barn and pastures for our B&B guests.


Come on vacation and bring your best friend!


  1. No, it is not hard to image that 2 people can fill up so much space with "stuff." We have as well and now that we are learning things out there have been many donations to local VA thrift stores. And, hopefully we will not accumulate as much in the future. It's nice that you have reclaimed your barn space again.

  2. I totally understand how two people can have so much stuff! Not hard to accumulate things over the years!

  3. I have way too much stuff! I am starting another bag for Goodwill but I need to put more stuff in it.