Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Whose Garden?

We recently went to the Hotel Roanoke for a meal.  It was the first one there that wasn't perfect.  On the other hand I didn't fix it or do the dishes, so that was pretty nice.

On the way in we saw a VERY small herb garden.  It looked like it was mostly for show.  How could a small garden with just the smallest of new plants be the Chef's Garden for a large hotel restaurant?  I assume the garden will get bigger and maybe then they can use some fresh herbs for there.


We wondered how the small garden along the walkway to the front door would stay nice, what with all the visitors.  And maybe some with dogs?  How would it be safe from that sort of thing?


Then we noticed that it was already being decimated by a large predatory animal.  One of the ones with very large teeth!


Kind of scary, really.  What if it stopped destroying the herbs and decided to charge us?  We backed carefully away and came out a different door.  That was a close one!

I'm pretty sure this garden will not be supplying any restaurants!


  1. Gardens definitely need fencing to keep the critters out. Cwazy Wabbit.

  2. Hahaha. I didn't see that one coming.