Thursday, May 5, 2016

Back To Baskets

I finished the Christmas stockings I was working on and went back to making some baskets. 



I was recently inspired to make some with Patriotic fabric and I like the way they are turning out. 


I also found some silver colored sayings with clips.  I think I may make some so that they can be changed on the whim of the purchaser. 


So that is my most recent project. 


We have guests coming this weekend, so I have to get ready for them  I'm going to try a new recipe and that is always scary for me.


  1. The baskets look great. I can't imagine you being nervous about anything you cook/bake. I'm sure whatever you fix will be fine. Enjoy your company.

  2. Very colorful (and patriotic looking( baskets you have crafted, Rebecca. And like Grammy Goodwill said, I'm sure your untried recipe will turn out well. Belated Mother's Day wishes to you as well.