Friday, February 19, 2016

Some Visitors

The Bed and Breakfast is closed for the winter, but these visitors decided to come anyway.


As you can see, they are right off the back porch. 


I love that they live on our property.  And that they have a little slice of safety during hunting season.


But I don't really like them this close to the house.  Deer carry the ticks that cause Lyme disease, so I prefer they stay in the fields and woods where we don't go. 


Once RJ saw them all bets were off and they took off down the hill and towards the woods.  He has had Lyme disease and ehrlichia caused by ticks.  And that is with our using Frontline.  The vet suggested using it more frequently in tick season than the package suggests.

Do you think that is why he likes to chase them off?  Or does he just love to see them run and jump?


  1. You have a front row seat! Well, my vet did tell me that it wouldn't matter what I used. Dogs who run freely in woody type areas will just get ticks. Some years are better than others, but we still try and even use some essential oils, etc..

  2. We have them looking in the window. I fear one will jump through some day. I wish there was a way to keep them from the house.

  3. My dog was vaccinated against lyme. Too bad they don't offer a vaccine for people, but I understand there were side effects so the manufacturer feared lawsuits.