Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Baby Visit

Our son and daughter-in-law were kind enough to present us with a granddaughter for Christmas.  I wanted to fly right out there, but I remembered my first baby and how hard those first few weeks were.

So I gave them a break and waited a three weeks.  Not too many.  I'm not a saint!

When I told my daughters that I was going, they decided they wanted to go, too!  Lee had responsibilities here, so we three girls flew out and invaded.  In our defense, I booked a hotel room so we gave them a few scant hours without us.  (Approaching sainthood)  Granted they still didn't get any rest, due to said baby. 

We had a lot of fun with Rachel and forced her to pose for lots of pictures.  It will be a few more years before she will forcibly resist all parental (and grandparental) photo taking.  So we took full advantage of it.

I even have a picture of Tara taking a picture.


Does Rachel look like her Aunties?  I wonder what they will be called.  My sister, Robin, ended up being called Auntie Rotten.  And she reveled in it!


They can't argue with you about picture taking when they are asleep!  So we have a bunch of those, too.


Fortunately, Rachel is a very good baby.  And doesn't seem to mind the constant picture taking.


"Alright, Mr. DeMille.  I'm ready for my close-up."


  1. that is the most perfect Christmas present and yes you are a saint for doing all that waiting. She is gorgeous. Enjoy as they grow up so fast We had two due in May and June.

  2. You are so lucky. I hope they live close to you. I won't get to see Rachel very often.

  3. She is so lovely! Look at that little smile. xo

  4. Looks like Rachel had a great family visit even if she won't remember this first one. It was great that her grandmother and aunts could make the trip which sounds like a distance, even though you didn't mention where, Rebecca. It was definitely a girls get together and Rachel is very sweet. Congrats to all!

  5. Oh, she is beautiful! What an angelic smile!

  6. Oh my goodness! She is beautiful! her smile! Congratulations to you and your family for getting an angel in your family. :)

  7. What a little cutie. I know you must be beside yourself with joy.

  8. What a sweet little baby. I love her smile in the last picture. I know all of you were thrilled to be together. Next year you'll be face timing each other!