Thursday, December 17, 2015

It Is Mid December...and SPRING

We have lived in Southwest Virginia for about eight years.  We chose this part of the state for the relatively mild weather.  We wanted snow, but not too much and the average snowfall over winter is about ten inches.  That seemed doable. 

We have had some years with just snow flurries and one year with 18 inches overnight where we had all our 4-wheel drive vehicles stuck in the snow after sliding off the driveway. 

What we have never had is a WARM December.  Never.


Until now.  The problem is that we have had some freezing weather.  So all the deciduous trees have lost their leaves. 

But all the warm days have tricked the trees and plants into thinking winter is over and spring has sprung.


The Dogwoods are blooming.


The hydrangeas are blooming.




The grass is green and we should probably put gas back in the mower and take it down one more time.

I wore flip flops yesterday, for crying out loud.


And the true harbinger of spring, the daffodils are coming up.

This is just weird.


  1. It is weird. Some of my plants are trying to regrow and I wore some flops myself this week! lol

  2. VERY weird indeed! Have to wonder what the long term affects of this will be on both our trees, bushes, and the wildlife.

  3. Same here in New England with unseasonably warm temps that have us longing for at least some chillier sweater-wearing days.