Wednesday, December 30, 2015

An Easter Stocking

Our daughter Tara got married in September. 


I have made stockings for all our kids.  And now I am making them for all their spouses.  They take about four months to finish.  I started in October.


I worked every day for several hours.  But it was not to be. 

I stopped working on the Santa part and used the graph to at least get Greg's name on the stocking.


Tara and Greg were the only "kids" coming here for Christmas.  Travis and Vanessa were busy having a baby for ME!  Trista had just come for the wedding and will be flying out to see the baby when she can get away.


So there was only one pitiful stocking on display.  I hung the semi-finished one up by the stretcher.  But how would Santa fill it, I wondered???


Santa is very clever and placed the stocking in front of the UNLIT fireplace and placed his donation behind the stocking.

Maybe I can finish it by Easter and start a new tradition.  Cadbury eggs and Peeps in a stocking!!


  1. I love her dress, flowers and hair. Such a gorgeous bride.... and I have to say, I am glad she didn't go for the strapless gowns so many brides are doing these days. Her dress choice is demure and lovely. xo And congratulations to Grandpa and Grandma, not only on the wedding, but for the new little bundle of joy.