Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am so excited. We bought a Nookcolor. I am using it now so this will be short as the keyboard is not conducive to lots of typing. Because of this lovely gift, I can't get mad at him for his comment this morning.

We were discussing my new diet and weight loss. I had lost 10 pounds and have a BUNCH to go. He mentioned he wanted to lose 8. I was understandably upset with the disparity in midlife issues for men and women. I gain a bunch of weight and can't sleep and my memory is shot. Men buy a convertible Corvette and date 20 year olds.

"Have you seen 20 year old boys, " I asked ? How is that a fair trade off, I wondered. Lee had a perfect comeback for which I have no response.

"Have you seen the new Corvettes?" he asked.

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