Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brad Paisley Concert

Lee and I are going the Brad Paisley concert tomorrow. He bought me the tickets for Christmas. I am taking off early from work so I don't have to rush and we can have dinner in town. By town, mean Roanoke, not, Buchanan. Ordinarily I hoard my vacation days like a miser. I go see Mom twice a year, so that uses up most of it. The rest of the days I use for when the kids are in town.

So I am going to leave work early and make an event of it!

When I was younger and played guitar a lot, I used to fantasize about being at a concert and one of the guitar players would get sick. I knew all the songs! I could fill in! Sort of like a pilot that has to fly the jet home and save the day...only less critical and more fun

In reality, I think Brad Paisley can handle things all by himself and I don't have to worry that I might "crash" the concert.

I can just sit back and enjoy. That is, if I remember the ear plugs. The last concert left me with ringing in my ears for hours. I'm going prepared this time!


  1. HA! I think I was in that same fantasy with you... LOL


  2. I have the "pilot sick, I can fly the plane" dream all the time. Have a wonderful time, Brad Paisley is so much fun!