Sunday, September 12, 2010

Run-in Shed

Lee finished the run-in shed. This is the first big project that I did not help him on and I feel terrible. On the other hand he finished it and it is perfect so I feel great! Now I don't have to worry when I am at work and Lee is gone and it starts to rain and is icy cold! I used to try and decide if it was bad enough to go home at lunch and put the horses up. Yes, I know that horses in the wild do just fine outdoors without their mommies putting them in the nice warm barn. But they have trees or other shelter to protect them. Now mine have their shed!

Look what a good job he did even with the slope of the land!

I am thinking that it will be a good place to put the hay that I feed them in the winter. It will keep it dry and hopefully clean. Libby is a known stall slob, so I will have to check it when I am scooping! Perhaps Claire will let her know if her piggish ways are unacceptable. "Hey, Libby, quit pooping in my dining room!"

It is also big enough to put some of Lee's tractor equipment in to protect them. We will have to rig up something to keep the horses away from them and still give Lee easy access. I couldn't convince one of the horses to go in for this picture to show scale, but RJ will do in a pinch.

Lee says we have enough metal and posts to build one in the other pasture, so that will be good. I hesitate to ask him to start another project when I am not around much to help, so I will wait for him to come up with the idea. If he liked doing it, it should be fairly soon. If he hated it, I might have a long wait on my hands.

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