Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Ugly Aspect of Snow Days

We keep hearing how this is the worst winter in fifty years, or something like that. Then I hear Blacksburg has had about the same snowfall as Anchorage, AK. Our first winter sure didn't prepare us for this one. On the other hand, we may have just pulled up stakes and gone home and at least we have the hope of a better winter in the future. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if we had a paved road. At least then we could scrape to the asphalt and the blacktop would help melt the snow. We will have to look into that in the future.

Lee plowed both driveways. Now they are an ugly, melting, muddy mess. The plowed roads are ugly and narrow.

As the snow melts, it makes little rivulets that dig holes and fissures in the road. When you drive on it the tires throw the mud up onto the undercarriage and along the sides of the vehicles. This also means Lee will have to scrape it again as soon as the surface dries...only to start over again at the next snow. While I go work in a climate controlled library. Poor thing.

See the pretty horses in the field? See the red mule (current name Saki, short for Kawasaki, but we are open to suggestions) stuck in the snow with the pretty horses? Lee had to go get the tractor....again...and plow a road to get Saki out of the field. This snow fall wasn't that deep, but added to the last one made it too deep, but only when you got halfway into the field! See Rebecca and Lee snipe at each other???

Actually we got it out with a minimum of fuss and I made scones for break. Then I made cookies and I am including the recipe.

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