Sunday, February 14, 2010

So I'm filling up the back of the mule with hay to drive it into the field. Then I put the muck buckets in the back of the mule and drive to the compost pile. They are really heavy ( part of my weight lifting for health :) ) so instead of lifting them off, I back up to the pile and tip them out. If there are left over bits I sweep them out with my glove.

And now I'm thinking, do the horses mind that bits of their pooh may touch their food? I know that I would mind. I would mind a whole bunch.

If they DO mind, how would I know?? They can't stop eating it because there is no grass right now. Well, I suppose there is grass, but I haven't seen any of it for weeks, 'cause it is buried under all the snow. They dig down and nose around, but it can't sustain them. And the hay is gone when I next come out.

I certainly don't wash the mule between jobs. Even discounting the time that would take, in this weather the mule would be an icicle. It will be in the 30s all week and hasn't been above 40 since forever. In the summer I only used the mule to transport me and pooh. They ate grass during the day and hay in their stalls at need for the mule.

OK. Here I must digress. I really want to name it something fun. I'm not all that enamored with Saki....don't tell Mom. I can't really call her Molly, because I may offend Molly in Laguna Niguel. She's red and I got her for my birthday. I have considered Roja, but I like Ruby better. I have thought of Ana for compleanos. I thought maybe a Tongan or Hawaiian name because I have lived in both places, but I can't think of a short, cute name that fits. I sure wish I could get some cute ideas. I think of it as a girl, so if you give me a suggestion, make it a girl's name. I have started calling Lee's formerly Red and White truck, now Orange and Whitish, that has a bunch of rust holes, Rusty. Actually Trusty Rusty because it has gotten us up and down our hill in weather that none of our other newer and more expensive vehicles has. Rusty and Ruby would be cute, right??

Anyway, back to the pooh issue. Can I consider the fact that they eat the food and ignore the fact they have have no choice? I think I have to for now. I guess if it doesn't bother me, it won't bother them. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I like Ruby. Also, I think calling it Mule is a good name too. But I'm not a creative person. You should ask Travy. He's good at this kinda thing. (Travy and I work together. He told me about your blog. I thought I'd check it out since I blog too. I like to know other people are reading it.)

  2. I have to say first THANKYOU for at least publicly not calling it Molly :) its not a DOG after all. Having said that, and being called Molly myself, what about something off the wall like...Jack, or Fred or Tom. sorry Tom. but come up with something monosylabic that falls off YOUR tounge. That is Fred or Jack for me.

    Cuz it might just not be a girl... :)