Sunday, January 24, 2010

The North Star

Just about every Saturday we go out for breakfast on our way to do errands, grocery shopping, ours and the horses, mostly. We generally stop at the North Star. We will have slept in and done the horses and the cats, so it is usually around 9 or 10.

The North Star will never get on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The food is good and plentiful and cheap but it doesn't have the things that attract that kind of audience. You will, however find farmers, State Police, truckers and just about anyone that lives in Buchanan.

For $2.95 you can get two pancakes the size of a dinner plate. I have never finished both, so I usually order one, even though it is not on the menu. I can get eggs and toast and hash browns for around $3. It is usually crowded and there is only one waitress for the whole place, so if you want coffee when you first get there, you can get it yourself.

Frequently your coffee will be refilled by another customer wandering past with a pot. You may not know them when you get there, but people talk between tables and you might have a friend before you leave.

Do not expect fresh fruit for breakfast or low fat for just about any meal, but it is a friendly place with cheap food and that is what we are looking for when we go to the North Star

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