Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Baby Quilt 2

We recently heard that our son and daughter-in-law will be expecting our second grandchild.  This puts them several lengths ahead in the favorite child race! Our daughters don't seem interested in this important competition.  We still love them very much.

I made a Rubber Ducky Quilt for our first grandchild. You can see it here.   Now that we are getting a new baby, I have to make a new quilt.  You can't just make one for one grand baby and then not make one for the other!!!

I found a pattern I liked in a quilt book from the library.  I went looking for the fabric to reproduce it. That's when I discovered that fabric has an expiration date. They make new fabric every year and then discontinue the old.  So I couldn't reproduce the exact quilt.


The main reason I liked the quilt in the book, was the sailboats. I used to live on a sailboat and my son built a sailboat, so I looked for other fabric with sailboats. I didn't want realistic sailboats, but simple, almost cartoon sailboats.  I think I found them with this fabric.


In addition to sailboats, it has tugboats and a whale.  I liked all of them and decided to showcase them in the middle of the squares.  I had to fussy cut out the boats and the whale and start building the squares.


I have never used prairie points on a quilt.  I kept rechecking the instructions to see where I sewed them flat to the quilt.  I finally looked them up on the internet.  (How did we learn stuff before Google?).


It seems prairie points are triangles connected to the quilt along the base of the triangle with the rest of it is unattached. This seems like a cool thing for baby fingers to play with.  I love it and didn't even know I was choosing a cool thing for babies!


Next I sew the sashing.


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  1. Congrats to your entire family on the expected new family member. Please do keep us posted.