Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ugly Sweater Cookie Decorating Contest

 We had a lot of visitors over the Christmas holidays.  It was so cold that outdoor activities were not an option.  I decided to have a cookie decorating contest.  But not just any cookie.


Years ago I had purchased a large T-shirt cookie cutter.  I think it was for Father's Day.  Now,  I thought it was a good substitute for a sweater and thus was born an ugly sweater decorating contest, but on a T-shirt cookie!


I found a sugar cookie recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction  that looked good.  In fact, it was great, so you can go to her post and make your own fabulous cookies.  I doubled the recipe and baked up a lot of cookies.  I made a few Christmas cookies with the scraps...because...Christmas.


I bought a blue and a yellow tube of frosting.  I also made a buttercream frosting recipe that I divided.  Half was left white and I made the other half green.  I placed them in decorating bags.  One had a narrow tip, the other had a star tip.  I had an assortment of sprinkles and then everyone started decorating.


Two year old Rachel also tried her hand at decorating.


Well, mostly she just ate a cookie.


And made cute faces for my phone.

I wasn't expecting much. I thought someone would make a Christmas tree or something like that. But I was very impressed by the artistic talent and creativity. Some were so good, they didn't really qualify as an ugly sweater.

Like this stained glass design.


And this one with a Christmas tree fire!


This one is nice....unless you went to UCLA (Trista) or Berkeley (Travis), in which USC is hideous!


Two designs involved sweaters that were ruined because of excessive holiday consumption of spirits of Christmas present.


This one started out as a pretty sweater and then the wearer had a bad moment.


This one was a bit problematical.  Trista explained that this was a rocket ship.  I am not sure that I believe her.


I'm pretty sure this is the ugliest.

What do you think?


  1. I think that this was a wonderful way to get everyone involved in a project and was wondering if they were eaten afterwards, perhaps with some hot chocolate (my choice). We didn't do any sort of holiday baking this year because of December travels...but next year this might be a fun thing to do with neighbors. I liked the Christmas tree fire cookie.

    1. I loved the Christmas tree cookie, too! I'm sorry to say that every single cookie was consumed. And many of them were eaten long after all guests had left. burp I bought Peppermint Schnapps to go in hot chocolate, but no one tried that. Sadly, I am working my way through that bottle all by myself.....

  2. Replies
    1. It helped that I already had the T-shirt cutter.

  3. Looks like a whole lot of fun and laughter! Love this idea!

    1. It was so fun. And we could eat the finished product. Plus we didn't have to WEAR an ugly sweater!