Monday, November 27, 2017

RJ Meets His Niece


RJ the Wonder Dog lives on the top of a great hill.  He spends his days chasing off all other animals, except the cats that live in the house.  They won't budge and RJ has learned that trying gets him in trouble. RJ doesn't like to get onto trouble.

RJ and his family recently celebrated Thanksgiving.   RJ likes Thanksgiving because there is the potential for bits of turkey to be snuck to him by various family members. Even Tara, who is a vegetarian, has been known to hand him a bite now and then.


But this time Tara brought her new dog, Rosie.  RJ loves it when other dogs visit.  This doesn't happen often, so the excitement level was high.


The cats did not share RJ's enthusiasm for Rosie's visit.  Ashley spent the whole time up here, except when Rosie was locked up in her room for the night.


RJ is getting older, so he knows he runs out of enthusiasm for enthusiasm.  When this happened RJ's family would get in the big red Mule and drive all around the property while RJ and Rosie followed along. This would tire them out. For a few minutes.

All in all, RJ enjoyed the visit and the cats are glad the visit is over.


Shall we warn them about Rosie coming for Christmas?


  1. LOL No warning.... keep the Christmas visit a surprise.

  2. I think we will have to do that. They may revolt and run away from home otherwise