Monday, March 20, 2017

Jigsaw or Wasgij?

The Fincastle Library now has jigsaw puzzles you can borrow.  We got one for the winter days when we couldn't go out and didn't feel like working.  It was a Ravensburger puzzle and we liked it.  So when Lee was wandering through a Goodwill store he found a Ravensburger puzzle and bought it for us.

This was a different kind of puzzle and one we had never seen!  It is so different they call it a Wasgij puzzle, or jigsaw spelled backward. The picture on the box was only an indication of what the puzzle was supposed to be.  The real puzzle was in the future from the picture on the box.  This was not an easy puzzle.  Imagine working a puzzle when you don't know what the outcome is supposed to be.


We started putting together pieces that fit, but we didn't know where to put them within the borders of the puzzle.  It started to get very frustrating.  That is when we decided to cheat. Yeah, I said it.  Cheat.

I Googled the name of the puzzle and wouldn't you know it?  There was a site to find the actual puzzle design.  It seems another person had had the same issue and so he bought and completed the puzzles and took pictures of the finished product.  Cool, I thought!  Then I realized that he was charging for the finished puzzle.  Not a lot, but I am cheap.

I found another site and downloaded the picture, but it was fuzzy and hard to read.  But at least it gave us an indication of how to go on with this puzzle.

We finished the puzzle and are going to donate it to the library the next time we go. As a public service to all future wasgij solvers, I took a picture of the puzzle before I took it apart and I printed it out. I put the picture in an envelope and placed it in the box the box with the wasgij pieces.

If someone wants to solve the puzzle, and not be a CHEATER, they can do that.  But if they are lazy, (that's me!), they can open the envelope and cheat away.  Or just check below!


Just another example of the customer service we provide to the community.  Oh, NO!  Don't thank us.  Just being neighborly.

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  1. The public library here doesn't have jigsaw puzzles patrons can borrow, but instead there is a table set up with a puzzle that people can work on. This has been ongoing the past several months and once the puzzles are completed, a new one is put out. When we were at the VA house last spring, we bought a jigsaw puzzle and worked on it since there was no internet to distract us. I think the puzzle is still assembled on the coffee table there!