Sunday, February 12, 2017


I haven't written anything here in a long time.  Mostly because it is winter, the B&B is closed, I am on a diet and nothing tasty is being prepared.  Also, we went out to California to visit our granddaughter.  We made it a late Christmas and all our grown children and their spouses came for the "holidays". 

It was like being in a tunnel.  The snow was piled higher than our heads!

Our daughter that lives in England was able to come so it was a family reunion, a bit of Christmas and lots of fun.


The California drought has gone out with a bang.  This means scads of snow in the mountain areas.  We rented a house in Truckee from Airbnb and planned on lots of snowy fun.  It started off strange as our GPS said we were at our destination, but all we could see was brief gaps in the snow carved out for a garage. 


The adventurists went snowboarding and skiing. 


The baby went sledding for the first time and was lots of fun

Of course, this was the highlight.  Sorry to everyone else that took long flights to get here.  Rachel trumps all. 


Wait.  Are we allowed to use Trump as a positive?


  1. Nice to see a new post, Rebecca, and of course a new granddaughter was great to see and yes OK to use "trump" as meaning a good thing (in this case).

    1. She is the only grandchild on both sides. I imagine she will be quite spoiled and doted upon. She is super sweet and I wish I lived closer.