Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fabric Pots

I have had a lot of fun making fabric baskets.  I am still going to make them.  In fact, I am planning to sell them on Etsy.  But in the meantime, I found this book on sewing fabric POTTERY.  That sounded fascinating.

Does my blue "pottery" look like the one on the right?  It's what I was going for.

Sewing Pottery by Machine by Barbara Warholic demonstrates how to sew pots using the same techniques as sewing fabric baskets. 


First you sew the base of the pottery.  Next you sew a flat circle of fabric as a plug and use that to hold the hole in the top of the pot. 


Sew the top of the pot to the plug and then continue sewing a fabric basket until the two openings are the same dimension. 


A seam ripper takes out the fabric plug and you set it aside for the next project that needs the same size hole in the top.


Lining them up is a big tricky, but the directions tell you to leave a small tail and that is used to cover where the two halves come together. 


They most difficult part is then reaching your big hand in the little hole and hand sewing a zigzag stitch to match the machine zigzag stitch throughout your project.  This took many hours and I hope I get better at it soon.

I must say it is also difficult to make the two halves exactly the same size and I had to remove the top half several times to add or subtract stitches. 


The finished fabric pot is not perfect, but it is my first one.  I am going to try a different pottery project from the book and see how that one goes.  It has a larger opening making it easier to do the hand sewing, but it also has more pieces, so it is more challenging.

This is fun!!


  1. Glad you feel it's fun, Rebecca, as it looked challenging for myself. The final result did look very nice and sure you become faster and more adept at this project. Good luck with selling them as well.

    1. It is challenging. I guess that is what makes it fun. I'm working on a second one, so we shall see if I get any better or faster.