Saturday, October 1, 2016


I was getting pretty excited about selling my baskets at Mountain Magic in Fall, a local festival here in Buchanan, VA.

Then the rain began  It rained off and on for about 5 days.  The last 24 hours or so dropped over 5 inches.  Many inches came poring out of the sky in just a few hours. 


The James River is up and the carnival grounds in Buchanan, where they hold the festival, are soaked.  So the Town Of Buchanan decided to push the festival back to next Saturday.  The Saturday when I will be in Texas.  That Saturday.

So now I have bins of baskets. Bunches of bins of baskets.  Scads of baskets.  Sixty-six baskets.

I will put them away and wait for the next Buchanan festival.  Or maybe I will start an Etsy site.


Either way, I will sell them somewhere.

But in the meantime, there are some other shapes and things I want to try with the baskets that I put off learning.  I wanted to make as many baskets as possible in as many styles as I was comfortable making, so I put off my experimentation.

So now I get to go play around and I don't have to worry about producing.  So, that will be fun.

But I REALLY wanted to try selling them and see if other people like my baskets as much as I do.


  1. Hopefully you will get the chance soon!

  2. What a shame that you got rained out! We've had lots of rain in Warren County too.

  3. Mother Nature can really throw us some disappointing whoppers sometimes. Sorry she messed up your plan for selling, but DO try Etsy, OR, see if there are other small festival type venues in the area. Maybe offer some to a few shops in Buchanan to see if they could sell a few for you, or Ikenberries? Have fun on your trip to Texas, and DON'T give up on selling your baskets.

  4. Oh, no. I didn't know it had been cancelled. I know you must be so disappointed. The others have given you some good suggestions for selling them. Our church has a big Christmas Fair but I believe there is a waiting list for vendors. I'll ask and I'll keep thinking of other options for you.