Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Petal Tossing Basket

I am trying my hand with a flower girl basket.  Or as my friend's granddaughter called it a basket for a "petal thrower."  Or something like that.  I like petal tosser the best.


I started with some off white fabric with bits of gold all over.  It is almost like glitter, but stays in place.  For some reason this fabric doesn't fray like the other fabric I have used.    I found it at Jo Ann's with the quilting fabric, so I don't think it has any polyester, but it could.  I didn't look.


In certain light it looks yellow and that is not the look I am going for.  Our daughter's wedding is coming up and I thought I could try a few baskets in her colors and see how they turn out.  Those colors are cream, gold and hints of raspberry.


I made a large basket and did a row or gold ribbon around the top.  The handle is made from gold and white cording, also found at Jo Ann's. 


It may be too big.  It would hold a LOT of petals (for tossing), so the next one is smaller.


I tried several variations of raspberry ribbon on top, but it wouldn't lie flat and kept puckering.  I tried to add a border on the outside and didn't like that either. 


I removed the ribbon and put a row of the same fabric across the top.  I zigzagged three pieces of cording together and covered it with the same fabric as the basket. This had to be hand stitched.

I like this one the best so far.  I think a bit of ribbon can be added to either one of these baskets to match any bridal colors. 


  1. Another fabulous creation and even though the purple one in the previous post remains my favorite, this petal tosser basket or a variation should be great at yiur daughter's wedding, Rebecca. Congrats on having a lot going on in yiur family this year, when is the wedding?

  2. The basket will also make a great memory/keepsake item. I was a flower girl twice when I was a wee thing. and the dress, hat and flower girl basket were in my mother's cedar chest for decades. I think the tulle finally fell apart on the hat. and I don't know where the dress is now. I know that my sister has the cedar chest. So, this basket, hopefully, will remain a memory for years to come. You do such great work. xo

  3. I'm finally catching up.... OMG I'm fascinated by the baskets! It's like magic. I can't quite figure out how you're doing it.
    How long until the wedding? And I can't remember if you knew about the grand baby at our tea luncheon? When's the due date???

  4. So beautiful creation Rebecca.
    You are really very talented!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am having a lot of fun making baskets and positive feedback keeps me going!