Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunflower Peeps Cake

I found a recipe, or rather I should say a list of instructions, to make a Peeps cake. There are so many fun things to do with Peeps. Even if you don't like them, you have to buy them at Easter, if no other time. It's sort of a tradition!

Our daughter Tara was coming for the holiday, mostly to pick up the wee little dog we were pet sitting/terrorizing and return him to his rightful owners, my brother Roland and his wife Jane. Nikki is a Bishon Frise and RJ is fond of following, herding, chasing, licking, sniffing and all around annoying him. Our very large and surprisingly aggressive fluff ball of a cat mostly glared at him and sat, Sumo-like in the doorway of any room Nikki wandered into, and intimidated him into the corner. We spend the last week rescuing poor Nikki from all his animal cousins!

So Tara was coming for a visit over a holiday, so naturally we had to organize activities. Tara organized a trip to the Buchanan Historic Movie Theater. It is a restored theater and kind of fun. They really need to have FRESH popcorn, candy and soda, but the price was right! My contribution to the event was a Sunflower Peeps Cake.

The idea is to make a yellow layer cake and frost it with chocolate frosting.

Then place concentric rings of chocolate chips in the center of the cake leaving a one inch ring blank.

The Peeps are slightly pulled apart to curve them in the shape of the cake and placed on the outer ring of frosting.

It takes about 2 full double boxes of Peeps, or about 19 of them. You may need to buy an extra box for snacking while frosting.

Tara and I have taken several Wilton cake decorating classes so this wasn't a real challenge. I think it would have been better to make our own chocolate buttercream frosting. But I have been eating a very low carb diet since January (25 pounds and counting) and while I was going to have one piece, I knew I would be sending the remainder home with Tara to eat or give away. No point in tempting myself beyond my ability to endure!

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