Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mountain Magic in Fall

The plan was to help clean up the James River and then head to Buchanan for the Fall celebration. The James clean up was cancelled because of the rain last week. The river was too high and too fast to safely climb around in it for the clean up. It has been postponed until next Saturday. I will have to decide whether to wear my knee high muck boots or the beach shoes I wear in Hawaii for snorkeling and walking on the reefs. I would not like the boots to fill with water and leave me stuck!

So the big outing for this week was to Buchanan for the Mountain Magic in Fall Festival. We waited too long. Neither one of us was hungry so we waited until 3:00. It closed at 5:00 so we thought there would be plenty of time.

By the time we parked and walked up to Main Street, most of the cars for the car show were gone. Lee was disappointed, but held back the tears! I took quite a few pictures because I want my friend Marcy in California to come out one year and be a vendor. I doubt it would pay for her ticket, but it would be fun anyway!

Of course the most important vendors are the ones that sell the food! That is why we had to wait until we were hungry and that is why we missed the car show! I guess we'll know better next year. Go early, eat often, look at cars!

The music is always fun. They set up the stage in the parking lot between the bank and the drug store. I love a drug store with a fountain. Reminds me of the movie Murphy's Romance, but I have yet to see James Garner there. The streets are full of families and happy kids and I would have to say, that is better than James Garner...probably...maybe.

I did buy a T-shirt this year. I can't wear it to work in the library, so I guess it will be my "work and laze around the house" shirt! Next Saturday it will be my "clean up the James" shirt. I'll try to take pictures. If I drop the camera in the water it will be my excuse to get a good one. I bought a book on digital photography from Doris so there is no longer any excuse for lousy pictures!

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  1. I love fall festivals. GIves you a great reason to go outside.