Sunday, June 13, 2010


My Aunt Suzy came up to see me again this weekend. This time she brought her two granddaughters. They are my cousin Saja's girls. They are sweet and polite and unspoiled in a lovely way.

They love, love, love driving the Mule. The problem was that there was an undiagnosed issue that made it undriveable. So my wonderful husband fixed up the old riding mower for them.

When we bought this house, there was an old riding mower we found when we started clearing the brush. The riding deck was damaged, so Lee took it off and made it into a means of transportation. Granted it is slow transportation, but it was just right for Evan and Addison. Then he got out our real riding mower and they were tooling around all over the place. Two "cars", no waiting!

The next morning, Lee found and fixed the problem, a wire that was rubbing in the wrong place and shorted out. Now the Mule was available and off the girls went. We gave them our walkie talkies and they could keep in contact with "base" and we gave them the run of the place. I first showed them where it was safe and they were very good about keeping to the rules.

The best place for young girls is obviously at the barn, so multiple times a day they went to "check" on the horses. Fortunately the horses were fine so off they went exploring. They enjoyed the stream and waded through it. The nice part was that they took turns driving and we heard no complaints. It was a great visit. Now I need to find other kids to come enjoy our place....and maybe, someday, pressure!


  1. Love her 'party like a southern girl' t-shirt... HA


  2. I always wanted to grow up on a farm. (of course I didn't know that farm life is a lot of work)
    Looks like they had a great time.