Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buchanan Grill

When we first came through Buchanan with our realtor, he took us to the Buchanan Family Restaurant. It was a fun restaurant that was in an old car dealership. I imagine all of the shops in Buchanan were something else once upon a time. For instance there is a B&B and restaurant that used to be a funeral home. It even comes with a resident ghost.

There was a pharmacy that used to house a soda shop and grill(check out Murphy's Romance and you'll know what I am talking about )and in the basement there was a duck pin bowling alley. I wish THAT was still here. After awhile the soda shop and grill opened up, and we went there from time to time, but obviously not enough for it closed this winter. Times have been hard around here and once more the cool little soda shop closed.

I am not sure of the sequence of events, but the Buchanan Family Restuarant has moved across the street and into the pharmacy and is now the Buchanan Grill. It looks like the menu is mostly the same, but they are adding the ice cream treats you would expect of a soda shop.

We have to go there a lot so that they are still there when visitors come. My Aunt Suzy has always loved the Buchanan Family Restaurant AND the Grill, so now she can have both in one. She has a visit planned for the Civil War Re-enactment week, so I can imagine we will be spending quite a bit of time there. Come over and say hello if you see us.

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